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With more than 60 years of experience, and offices in the main leather goods manufacturing hubs of India, we take pride to be one of the leading names in the industry for any kind of leather procurement.

What drives our expertise?

A unique mastered network owing to offices in Agra and Chennai along with exceptional product expertise, superior quality control framework, efficient delivery system and business values which have been passed on till the 4th generation of the family.

Amar Nath and Sons is a renowned name in the leather industry, started by Late Shri Amarnath Magan and his elder son Mr. Virender Magan in 1952. A new sister company Abnashi Leather store was opened when his younger son Mr. Sri Niwas Magan joined the business in 1957.

To expand the company further when his grandson Mr. Kapil Magan joined the business in 1985, they opened the firm Amar Enterprises in Chennai. At present both Mr. Kapil Magan and his son Mr. Shivansh Magan who joined the business in 2015 are handling the business co-jointly and reaching new heights every year in the field of leather trading.

With representation across the major leather manufacturing hubs in India Amar Nath and Sons can be your ideal partner for all your sourcing needs.

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Amar Nath & Sons

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